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Explosive work

  • The study of the physics of explosive destruction and the nature of cracks during the explosion (Belaenko F.A., Kucheriavy F.I., Drukovaniy M.F., Muzyrov A.A., Gayek Y.V., Mishyn V.V., Didyk R.P.)
  • Creation of a new class of initiating explosives and blasting systems (Sobolev V.V., Chernay A.V.)

Fastening of mining workings

  • Development of combined supports (Maximov O.P., Shashenko O.M., Roenko A.M.)
  • Creation of new fastening technologies aimed at strengthening the contour array (Shashenko O.M., Roenko A.M., Vygodin M.O.)
  • Improvement of traditional types of supports and technology of their construction (Reva S.M., Solodyankin O.V., Kostogryz V.I., Skobenko O.V.)


  • Geomechanical studies of the massif in complex mine-geological conditions (Shashenko O.M., Roenko A.M., Maksimov O.P.)
  • Geomechanical studies of the deformation of the massif and underground structures (Shashenko O.M., Glukhov N.D., Parchevsky L.Ya., Pustovoitenko V.P.)
  • Creating an automated system for monitoring geomechanical space
  • Investigation of the nature of rock heaving (Maximov O.P., Shashenko O.M., Glushko V.T., Roenko A.M.)
  • Statistical geomechanics (Parchevsky L.Ya., Shashenko O.M., Skvizhkova O.O., Tulub S.B., Skobenko O.V.)
  • Development of an effective method and apparatus for the prediction of sudden emissions (Shashenko OM, Zdvizhkova OO, Solodyankin OV, Yanko VV, Maslenikov EV)
  • Physico-chemical and technogenic principles of the formation and development of sudden outburst (Myrèr S.V., Maslenikov E.V.) (Sobolev V.V.)

Rock Physics (Sobolev V.V., Alferov O.S.)

  • Theoretical and experimental mineralogy
  • Development of effective methods for determining the physical and mechanical properties of rocks

Physico-chemical treatment of materials (Sobolev V.V.)

  • Chemical physics, combustion and explosion physics
  • Structural and phase transformations in rocks at the complex action
  • Synthesis of composite materials with special properties

Building Materials and Technologies (Reva S.N.)

  • Production of building materials by pressing
  • Use of industrial waste to produce building materials

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