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In March 1928 in Dnipropetrovsk Mining Institute it has begun preparing mining constructors, and October 1, 1930 it was established department "Drifting Mines". As a head it was appointed the professor Novosiltsev I.S. Before the war, the department was also headed by Assoc. Prof. Vereskun G.P., Kamyaniy P.Ya. and Prof. Belaenko F.A.

Already in the first curricula, the main principles of training of engineers were deep general engineering and specialized training, versatility and practical training at the mines of Karaganda, Donbass and others.

During the Great Patriotic War, the preparation of mine constructors continues in Karaganda. During this period the department is headed by Assoc. Prof. Marshak I.S.

In the postwar period, the need for mining workers for the mining industry was extremely high. During this period the department was headed by Assoc. Prof. Vereskun G.P., Marshak I.S., prof. Belaenko F.A. and Kozhushko Yu.M. The main scientific works are related to the restoration and development of the Donetsk, Kryvyi Rih and Nikopol-Manganese basins. In the 1950's the department conducted studies on the physics of explosive destruction, the nature of rock heaving and the stability of workings.

Since 1965, the department was headed by Dr. Sc. Maksimov O.P. After the expansion, it was called "Construction of mines and underground structures".

Much attention was paid to the quality of the educational process. The department since the 60's led all major mining and construction courses. High consciousness of students, serious attitude to education allowed to prepare high-class specialists, such as: Striltsiv E.V. - Director of the “Dniprogiproshaht” Institute, Head of the Department of the Ministry of Coal Industry of the USSR, Polak E.V. - deputy Minister of Capital constructing of the Ministry of Coal Industry of the USSR, Poltavets V.I. - Minister of Coal Industry of Ukraine, Director of the Institute "Luganskdiproshaht", Kucherskaya N.I. - Chairman of the Board of Navoi MMC, Chairman of the concern "Kyzylkumredmetzoloto", Honored Engineer of Uzbekistan, Hero of Uzbekistan, Reva V.M. - Director of VNIIMI, Academician of the Russian Federation. There are became Doctor of Science, Professor, Head of Departments such outstanding specialists as Bilichenko N.Ya., Lazorina A.I., Drukovaniy M.F., Comir V.M. and others.

Students' practices during this period are conducted at leading enterprises of Western and Central Donbass. Tremendous contribution in the construction of the mines of Western Donbass had both scholars, graduate students and students of the department.

Since 1990, the Department of Construction and Geomechanics has been headed by Dr. Sc. Shashenko O.N. During these years, a great deal of work has been done in terms of education and training. The specialty "Mine and underground construction" now has three specializations: construction and reconstruction of mines; urban underground construction; construction of roads and tunnels, and two levels of preparation - bachelor or master, incl. and by correspondence form of study. The list of practice bases has expanded: the corporations "Ukrtunelbud", "Kievmetrobud", "Kharkivmetrobud" have been added to the traditional ones. In addition to the basic training program - today's market requirements - computer skills, knowledge of economics, management and foreign languages are provided. Considering the specifics of modern construction, since 2006 it is started preparation of engineers on specialty “Industrial and Civil Construction”.

At the present stage, further development of the issue of geomechanics, increasing the stability of the mines, numerical methods of modeling are achieved. Important results are obtained in the field of physics and chemistry of the interaction of discrete structures with physical fields, structural and phase transformations in a solid. More than 20 years of research in the field of sounding rock mass are conducted. Method and equipment of acoustic control of coal seam emission are developed. Among actual research areas: creating Geo Monitoring system of underground space, the use of nanotechnology in the creation of materials for underground construction, the use of high temperatures of rocks in deep horizons of mines.

Today, the department employs 10 Professors, Doctor of Sciences, 12 Associate Professors, Candidates of Sciences, 5 Teachers and Assistants, including 2 Candidates of Sciences, 1 Doctoral student and 7 graduate students. The whole staff of the department, including researchers and teaching staff, is 41 people.

Over the past 80 years, more than 2,400 mining engineers have been trained by the department staff, more than 2000 articles, 75 monographs, 45 textbooks have been published, 120 copyright certificates and patents have been obtained, 5 discoveries have been made. For high achievements and a huge contribution to the field of underground construction and geomechanics, department is recognized not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

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